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Love, love this post. You two are incredible travelers who never leave any one unfriended. I will send you a private request for insight into the cost of that incredible meal. I think it was more than a trattoria. Did you order or just have them bring delicacies to you?


"...in a globalized world the young and ambitious will move and do the jobs/take the entrepreneurial risks that the locals won’t. "

So true. Much like you, I explored the kitchens of virtually every restaurant and bakery I went to in Paris last October, chatting at length to the chefs, owners and waitstaff at each. The demographics and stories I observed were identical to yours above (cliches included). In the borderless EU community, it truly is an evolving, exciting, global world, where fortune awaits the willing and the hard working.

Your meal looks as artful as it was delicious ! Thanks for sharing your wonderful pics - can't wait for more.


Luv the pix of the apartment & food (although both descriptors feel inadequate), and, of course, the story-telling! Thanks for taking us there with you!

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