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Ann McMaster

What a site! Humbling . . . looking forward to your Random Observations. Be well.

Sally Fowler

An absolutely stunning report, both pictorially and in your comments on these fragile parts of the world.

Daddy L

My wife and I were in Easter Island October 2004, we were totally awestruck! Loved it there. Here's a link to our photos of our trip:


I also have a site where people can post pictures and reviews of the food they eat, which I see you also like to do. If you have any food photos you'd like to contribute, please do.


April and Robin

Hello Richard and Elizabeth:

This is a FANTASTIC blog. I would actually like to see this turned into a book or two. You have excellent photographs and the writing is superb. I look forward to your next blog.

Joan Foster

Enjoyed reading about Easter Island. I wonder if you know that Tongariki was the set of Moai re-erected by the Japanese after they were lifted and toppled by a tsunami? That might dispel the suggestion of mystery that their shadows pointed back to the quarry.

We were there this year, too, and were awestruck with the moai and ahu (the rock platforms for the statues) around the island.

The Thor Heyerdahl side of the story is hotly discredited by some who felt he was opportunistic and self serving. I was surprised at how angry he made some of the people from Easter Island.


I love your blog. Very thorough and the pictures are beautiful!

I am also thinking about going to Easter Island in 2008, but really need to know if you booked your trip through an agency? If so, who was it?
I want to combine Galapagos with Easter Island - already did Peru.

You can email me at nimbette2@yahoo.com
Ingrid :-)

joni s.

your trip is not only fabulous but informative. thank you for the report and the wonderful pictures.


What a great trip. Was curious if you had the email address of Josie since we are going there next week and wanted to hire her. Please email her email or phone if you have it. My emial is david.polayes@credit-suisse.com

Thank you.


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